Intention for Today: Create a Plan

In this morning's introspection practice, I looked at Debbie Ford's book, "The best year your life". Out of that came a plan for the next three months. After about an hour of doing the exercise of identifying my vision, creating two goals and laying out a page-long overview plan, I felt a surge of clarity and a strong alignment with my purpose.

Today, I set the intention for us creating a plan for our lives that helps us manifesting our dreams.

May we create:

A plan that is clear, specific and exciting.

A plan that helps us identify what is most important for us.

A plan that is dynamic and encouraging.

A plan that is flexible yet structured.

A plan that makes us want to get up in the morning and go for it.

A plan that is realistic and achievable and timed.

A plan that is fun and inspiring.

Thank you for Creating a Plan that empowers us to live our dreams.