Intention for Today: Clarity

As we move through our day, there are countless decisions we make. Some are relatively small decisions while others are life-changing. These decisions demand our attention, focus and integrity. How we make decisions is often a reflection of how well our principles and values are fully integrated into our consciousness. We may have beautiful ideals and values within ourselves, yet at times there is a resistance that prevents us from acting according to these values.

To help us in making decisions that are based on our innermost values of integrity and love, I set the intention that we all receive the gift of clarity. May our thoughts and actions be a result of conscious choices that are derived out of clarity. May we become clear about our values and with crystal clear focus implement our decisions. May clarity help us become aware of what is most important to us. May confusion be replaced with a clear sense of knowing.

Thank you for Clarity becoming an inherent part of our lives.