Wanna be a kid again?

The Blue Ridge Parkway is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and the Destination Center in Asheville organized a fun family night yesterday. Park Ranger Emily and Ranger CM talked to us about the richness of the Blue Ridge. Emily spoke to us about how hawks use the thermals and updrafts to fly up high in order to save energy on their long migratory flights. This fall we have a chance to see many of them flying South from the various lookout points on the mountains. And after a bit of nature lesson, CM showed us how to make kites in her uncanny humor that just made us laugh out loud. I did not know kites were used in the past to carry people and the first kites were made in China. We also made the stick contraption for making bubbles. I had no idea these would be HUGE bubbles we were making.

We were making bubbles until after the sun went down. The crimson colors of the sky just made the whole experience absolutely gorgeous. And both Cristof and I were kids again. Hmmmm. Delicious!

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