Intention for Today: Play

Today's intention is to call Play into our life.

Let's play! Yesterday, I asked a beautiful 4 year old being, what she loves about being 4. She answered, "I like to play with my toys". I loved that answer. Inspired by her words, I take on the attitude of play in our daily lives. How wonderful to look at our day, the things we do, the time we spend with people and think of it as play. In a game, there is fun, excitement, a clear goal and tons of learning moments. There is great bonding with people we are playing the game with; there is much laughter and creativity flowing among the participants; time seems to fly or stand still; and at the end of the game there is sense of joy and a new breath of dynamism in all people playing and shall I add, observing the game.

So let us play in our own way, inviting others to join in and spreading good energy in the process.

Thank you Play for showing us what it means to be alive.