Intention for Today: Action

Action is the intention for today.

Whatever it is that you love to do, whatever your dream may be, today, take action. Even if it is one tiny tiny step, just do it. Infact, select something manageable in an hour or two, towards your dream or your goal or your vision for your life. Do one thing. Just take action. See how this one action frees you from any thing that is holding you down.

If it is about writing, write one paragraph. If it is staying in touch with people, write one email or make one phone call. If it is about staying healthy, go for a short walk or choose one entirely healthy meal. If it is about getting your life organised, then organise one little corner or if it has to do with e-files, select one folder to organise.

You get the idea! Today, just do something...One thing, towards what is most important to you.

Thank you Action for moving us to live our dream.