Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. -Albert Einstein


What does it mean to fall in love? How have you experienced it?

Falling in love is an amazing sensation. Something that jars us from our "routine" way of being and feeling. It inspires you to break your patterns, and explore new, unfamiliar territory. For me, being in love has dramatically changed my life. And it is absolutely the best, most beautiful thing in my life. 

It seems not very long ago, when I fell in love and was driven by some unknown force to take bold actions, which included resigning from my wonderful job in New York City, saying goodbye to my beloved friends and family, taking an early release from my graduate studies at the university where I was studying, leaving the amazing city of New York and the familiarity of home AND then moving across the Atlantic to Germany. 

I moved to Germany in 2005, to be closer to my beloved! A language I did not speak, a culture I did not

know, a place that was new and unfamiliar, a university system that was so different from what I knew in New York, and a whole host of personal challenges is what awaited me in Germany. Yes, the five years in Deutschland were not the easiest, and yet, it was the best decision I made in my life. This was all as a result of me "falling in love".

Because I took what I call a "bold" step for me, I learnt a whole deal about who I am. I explored the beautiful forests throughout Germany, where I went on my first hiking trips. I made new friends who inspired and moved me. I have delighted in eating the most delicious and creative cakes and pastries one could ever find, especially ones made by mother-in-law, and not to mention, the insanely mouth-watering fresh breads! I have made strides in the German language and experienced the beauty and melody of the language. I went beyond my comfort-zone, over and over again, breaking new ground each time. In 2008, I decided to start my own company and take the path of an entrepreneur. And I have taken up writing and creating, a long lost passion rekindled.

So falling in love with someone special has indeed been special beyond words, uncovering so much beauty and treasures that lay within me and in my life. And each time we fall in love, we unearth something yet unknown, yet unfamiliar. And we do fall in love over and over again, all the time, don't we? Think about all the times you fell in love. 

Recently, I have fallen in love with the grand expanse of the sky I see every day.
I have fallen in love with the two beautiful cats in our neighborhood called Miami and Orlando! 
I have fallen in love with the chocolate cake that was made for my birthday by the one I love.
I have fallen in love with taking new avenues as there is so much adventure in paths not taken yet.

And most of all, in doing all of this, I have fallen in love with myself, again.

Sending you my love,