If you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right. -Mark Twain

In last week's Reflection we began with an inventory of our life. We looked at our life and realized that all that is, is a manifestation of our beliefs and attitudes. One of the questions we asked was: what do I need to change in my attitude in order to change the state of my life? We looked at what changes in our beliefs and thoughts we need to make in order to live our true purpose.

As I began doing this exercise, I realized that there are some strong underlying beliefs that I had allowed to cloud my true understanding of myself. These beliefs take the form of self-doubt. They emerge as a silent voice at those times when I want to go beyond my comfort zone or to break out of my old patterns in efforts to make a change. This voice may refer to my preparedness, for example it would say: "you are not ready" or "you are not an expert". Or it may test my perseverance; for example: "it will be too hard" or "it will take too much time". These voices can be so powerful that they translate into my inaction. I may believe these beliefs unconsciously to the extent that it leads to me postponing or delaying a certain action - an action, if completed would bring me further in the realization of my dreams. Conscious non-doing helps me where I mindfully take the time to do nothing. However, automatic inaction hurts me where I unconsciously drop into inertia.

This can easily go into a downward spiral where thoughts such as "I cannot do it" show up. Before it gets this far, I have the opportunity to realize that these beliefs are only "beliefs"; not the true reality of who I am. It is really not that I cannot do it, rather "I will not do it". Why? Because I am afraid. Ironically, I am afraid of the greater joy and the greater abundance that will flow into my life, if only I allowed myself to be fully who I am, to let my light shine and flood the entire universe. This is the fear of my own innate beauty and inner wisdom.

Then, Mark Twain comes to my rescue! :-) He reminds me that whatever beliefs I believe in, those are the ones that tend to become my truth. So all I need to do is to drop those beliefs that keep me small and embrace those beliefs that help unveil my inner truth. And I embrace the beliefs that infact, I am ready, I am more than an expert, I am me, it is easy, and it will take no time at all!

I open up to my true purpose.

Much love,

Sophia Ojha