007: Guided Visualization to Make Peace With What Is

007: Guided Visualization to Make Peace With What Is


Welcome to Episode 007.
In this episode of Intentions Manifested, we go on a visual journey with the intention: To help you make peace with what is.

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Make Peace With What Is

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A creative visualization series using guided imagery and breath awareness for manifesting our intentions. Created with love by Sophia Ojha.

Today’s Intention:
To make peace with what is.


Welcome to Episode 7 of Intentions Manifested. My name is Sophia Ojha and I’m your guide for today’s visualization meditation.

My intention for today's meditation is to help you make peace with what is.

So let's begin.

Find yourself in a comfortable position so that you body feels at ease, relaxed. Close your eyes and turn your attention inwards as if you were inside a bubble for the next 15 minutes or so. And all the noises, disturbances from the outside world touch the surface of this bubble and dissolve. You may hear the sounds. You may notice the interruptions but it doesn’t get to you. The same thing with your thoughts: you notice your thoughts, the list of to-dos, worries about the future, regret over the past. You are aware of all of these things but they just dissolve as soon as they touch this bubble of peace that you are sitting inside.

And as you sit there, you are practicing how to make peace with what is. You imagine that you are an old tree in the forest with gigantic roots going down below into the earth, with a thick bark and tall, expansive branches. And you are standing on the side of this mountain with roots deep within the mountain. And yes, there are all these younger trees around you as well ⏤ you are the Mother Tree. 

And you visualize yourself embodied inside this tree; you are one with this tree. And as you do that, you can see the entire life of this tree from the time it was a little seedling. And you see how it swayed in the wind when it was a young tree. And you see how some of its branches broke off during a thunderstorm. And you see how over the years, this tree has changed with the seasons; sprouting leaves, sprouting flowers and fruits. Leaves turning yellow and turning brown and then falling off. And then, bare naked branches withstanding the wind, the rain, the snow. And then doing this cycle all over again, over and over again for the past 50-60 years.

Bears have lived in its trunk. Squirrels have nested, birds have made their home and a million insects, bugs and critters have crawled all over this tree. Owls have sat there at night and bats as well. And you see this one moment where a couple of hummingbirds traveling through the area hung around this tree and the bushes under it. Bluejays and robins and crows and even the blue heron have all perched on the branches of this tree. 

Make Peace With Yourself Guided Meditation

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And as you have embodied yourself inside this tree, you also connect with the equanimity, the sense of peace, [and] observance that the tree has emanated. The tree accepted whatever happened to it:  rain and snow, wind and thunderstorms. It was always in a state of peace with whatever was going on. It did not resist it. It did not ignore it. But stood there calmly as a witness to what is. 

And you are able to absorb that within you. Your mind is connected with the tree and its wisdom transmutes into you. And you have this inner-knowing of what it means to make peace with reality as it is. To make peace with whatever is going on in your life. It doesn’t mean not taking action. It certainly does not mean giving up. But it means having a calm acceptance and even forgiveness to the situation and the people involved. You feel within you, in every cell of you, what it means to make peace. And what it means to make peace with yourself, regardless of your past actions, regardless of things that you did or didn’t do, thoughts that you had or didn’t have, things that you said or didn’t say, the emotions that arose in you: the frustrations, the sadness, the anxiety. All of that, you find a way to accept. You are making peace with yourself.

And that’s the message of this wise, old tree showing you how it is to be at ease, to flourish and thrive despite harsh conditions. To prosper and grow even in conditions that are not favorable, or harmonious, or amicable. Making peace with whatever is going on gives you the strength, the wisdom and the inspiration to take compassionate action, to dissolve negative energy and negative emotions. And the simplest way to make peace is to witness whatever you are feeling. And by observing, becoming aware, you allow it to dissolve, clearing up space for constructive positive action and for bringing love and compassion into everything you do. Every word you speak and every thought that you have. Making peace with yourself and making peace with what is. So anytime you need a reminder, you can come back to this tree and ask for its guidance, its wisdom. And just by observing its life, the wisdom will come to you again. We all need reminders from time to time. So come back to this tree whenever you need to connect with its wisdom again.

Now, take a gentle breath with full awareness and come back to where you are. Very slowly open your eyes, bring some movement into your neck and shoulders and…

…welcome back!

Guided Meditation for Making Peace With Ourselves

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So my friend, I really hope that you enjoyed today’s visualization meditation. How was this visualization for you to connect with the ancient, old tree and its wisdom? I’d love to know how you experienced it. So please come on over to my website and share with me in the comments.

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So thank you so much for joining me today. I'm eager to share with you yet  another visualization meditation in the next episode. Until then, know that your day is blessed. You are being taken care of. You’ve just meditated and now all you have to do is take action, be kind and breathe.   

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