006: Guided Visualization to Accept Yourself

006: Guided Visualization to Accept Yourself

Photo by  Jonathan Bean

Photo by Jonathan Bean

Welcome to Episode 006.
In this episode of Intentions Manifested, we go on a visual journey with the intention: To help you accept yourself.

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Accept Yourself

Transcript of Intentions Manifested Ep 006:

A creative visualization series using guided imagery and breath awareness for manifesting our intentions. Created with love by Sophia Ojha.

Today’s Intention:
To help you accept yourself.


Welcome to Episode 6 of Intentions Manifested. My name is Sophia Ojha and I’m your guide for today’s visualization meditation.

My intention for today's meditation is to help you accept yourself.

So let's begin.

Get into a comfortable position. You can sit or lay down. Find a position that helps your body to relax and be at ease. You can adjust your position, move, change. Do whatever you need to be comfortable. We are not forcing our bodies in any strict position but instead, we are listening to what our body need and adjusting accordingly; a very soft and kind approach to your physical posture.

And just allow yourself to settle in. Bring your awareness into the body. Any thoughts you have about the past, can wait (as) the past is already gone. And any thoughts you have about the future can also wait (as) it’s not here yet. So all that you have left is this moment. 

So allow yourself to arrive into this moment and slow down everything. Feel your body coming to a rest. Like a ball that’s been rolling down the hill, rolling, rolling, rolling. And finally it arrives at the bottom of the hill where it settles and becomes still.

You will begin to notice various parts of your body. If there are aches or pains, just bring awareness to that spot or that area. Just bring awareness.  And ease into that pain if you can. Just being with it. Not resisting it. Not wanting it to be anything but what it is. Becoming a witness to your own body. 

Imagine that you are going on a walk, getting some fresh air and a bit ahead on the right, you see these beautiful wrought iron gates and they are wide open; glistening in the sunlight. You approach those gates and enter the space on the other side. And you see that it’s a beautiful, thriving garden. A botanical garden. A natural garden where plants of all different kinds are growing together. And they are lush, flourishing. There’s greenery everywhere and you are filled with this abundant, uplifting feeling of nature’s bounty. You see flowers of all different kinds. Plants with different leaves; bizarre leaves, familiar leaves, all kinds of plants. And along with the flowers you see bees and wasps and butterflies and all kinds of flying insects. The garden is beautiful. Truly a sight to behold!

You walk along the paths, criss-crossing left to right and right to left. And you are enjoying the presence of these trees and shrubs and bushes all around you. And you just want to drink it all in. So you look for a spot where you can sit down and be with these flowers. You find a bench surrounded by wild flowers, shaded by a beautiful tall tree and the vast sky open above you. With gentle sunlight falling on your face, you sit on the bench, feeling at ease with a calm mind and a content heart.


Accept Yourself Guided Meditation

Download PDF: Accept Yourself

As you look ahead, you see a sea of flowers and smiling at the colorful display you sit back and your glance moves above into the sky. It’s a beautiful blue sky. A clear, blue sky!

Your eyes swim in the beautiful blueness filling you up as if you were thirsty for that blue color. It uplifts you and you feel refreshed. And as you are gazing at the sky, from the right side of your vision, you notice a small tender cloud floating into your sight. It’s the only cloud and its small and delicate. And you wonder where did this cloud come from and where are all the other clouds. All you see is this lone cloud in the sky. A happy little cloud!

You feel some kind of connection with this cloud as if the cloud was looking at you. Like a small puppy or a kitten looking at you with beautiful innocent eyes. And you close your eyes. With your eyes closed, you can still see the fluffy cloud. And this fluffy cloud starts to transform itself. It floats towards you from the sky and it transforms into a fluffy, woolen blanket.

It gets closer and closer, closer and closer. You can see it hovering right above you. And in the next moment it gently wraps itself around your shoulders. And instantly you feel this warm, golden, comforting sensation. It’s not just your body that feels warm. It’s as if your mind, your heart, all of who you are is being comforted by this fluffy, white blanket. And you can feel its smooth and soft texture. Softer than velvet. Softer than merino wool. Extremely smooth and comforting. 

And very quickly you realize within that the cloud and this blanket both represent your inner, wise self. And it is you who is embracing you in love. It is you that is enveloping you in your own warmth. You immediately feel a sense of relief. At last, you are forgiven. At last, you are loved fully. And at last, you feel accepted for who you are.

As you enjoy this warmth and acceptance, you sense that all your judgments are fading away. All the expectations of being perfect, of being immaculate, of being error-free, pristine; all of these expectations and judgments simply dissolve away.

The woolen, white blanket merges into your body. You are your own comfort. And you have just tapped into that infinite source of acceptance within you. And you can always come back and connect with that inner-source of acceptance and love. You stand up from that bench and you see the cloud in the sky has dissolved. There’s only beautiful blue crisp sky. You slowly walk out of the garden, back through the iron-gates and return home.

And come back to where you are, right now. You can slowly open you eyes, slowly bring movement back into your body and come out of the meditation now. 

Welcome back!

Guided Meditation for Accepting Ourselves

How you can share your experiences with us

I hope you enjoyed this visualization meditation today. How was your experience for you? How did it feel to be embraced by the soft woolen blanket of love and acceptance? I’d love to know your experience. So please come on over to my website and share with me in the comments.

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So thank you so much for joining me today. I'm so eager to share with you another visualization meditation in the next episode. Until then, know that your day is blessed. You are being taken care of. You’ve just meditated and now all you have to do is take action, be kind and breathe.   

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Thank you for joining me on this visualization meditation experience! Drop your questions and comments below. See you in the next episode!