005: Guided Visualization to Tap Into Your Zone of Genius

005: GuidedVisualization to Tap Into Your Zone of Genius

Photo credit:  L  inus Nylund

Photo credit: Linus Nylund


Welcome to Episode 005.
In this episode of Intentions Manifested, we go on a visual journey with the intention: To help you tap into your zone of genius so that you can be creative and inspired in all that you do.

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Tap Into Your Creative Genius

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A creative visualization series using guided imagery and breath awareness for manifesting our intentions. Created with love by Sophia Ojha.

Today’s Intention:
To help you tap into your zone of genius so that you can be creative and inspired in all that you do.


Welcome to Episode 5 of Intentions Manifested. My name is Sophia Ojha and I’m your guide for today’s visualization meditation.

My intention for today's meditation is to help you tap into your zone of genius so that you can be creative and inspired in all that you do. .

So let's begin.

Get yourself in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. See that your body is relaxed, and at ease. And feel free to change your position at any time during the visualization to become even more relaxed. Close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath. And allow yourself to enjoy these few moments of calm and peace.

There’s nothing to do right now, nowhere to go, all your tasks, plans, to-dos can take a break, [and] can wait for you, until after the meditation. So you are free right now, free to enjoy these moments in peace. Any tension you feel on your forehead, on your face, on your jaw, just consciously relax all of that. Bring awareness to your tongue and see that it’s relaxed. You can have it slightly touching the roof of your mouth and your entire face is relaxed, at ease, in peace.

Imagine that you are going on a hike into the forests and you begin walking on a trail. You know that in this forest, there is something really unique waiting for you. So you begin this quest to find it. And you start walking and you keep walking on this trail, aware, observant, looking out for any signs for this unique treasure that is waiting for you. 

It’s a beautiful trail that goes into a lush, green, thick forest. It’s so thick that the sunlight can barely make it through between the branches and being a hot summer day, you enjoy that shade, that cool atmosphere on your hike. So it’s a very pleasant experience to walk on this path. You are filled with curiosity but you are also content with the journey because you have this inner-feeling, this inner-knowing that sooner or later you will see the treasure. So happily, you go about enjoying the walk, seeing the flowers on the forest floor. Admiring the glistening rays of the sun that trickle in from between the leaves.

You are walking and walking and walking and now you come to a spot where there is a giant tree with the bark so big, so broad that you can actually fit inside of it. And in fact, there is a giant hole in the bark of this tree. Without fear, filled with curiosity, you peek inside this bark and you notice stairs leading downwards into the earth. And you decide to take this path inside the tree. You begin walking with quick light steps. And the stairs twist, first to the right and then to the left. Candlelight! On the walls, lighting your way. You know somebody is waiting for your arrival. 

As you make your descent downwards, your heart starts racing. You wonder what awaits you below. And now you have come to the end of the stairs that open up into a cave. And your feet are standing on a bed of stand. It feels soft and cool. You hear in the distance the cawing of some crows and you know that they are calling you. To the right of this cave, there’s another path. This time going upwards. No stairs, just a slanted path. 

You follow that path and very quickly there’s another opening. But this time into the forest floor. It’s bright, filled with sunlight. But it is a different kind of a light. It’s unfamiliar. It’s golden and bright but different from what you know. Nevertheless, you enter that space. 

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You see the trees, the moss. As you watch the wall of trees before you, they start to part; magically, they move to the side. On both sides they are separating and in the center you see the source of this golden light. It’s a big golden ball of light. It’s hovering above the ground about 10 or 20 feet above the ground. And as you look at this golden ball, it starts to vibrate and shake and then, it emits a beam of light towards you. Very, very slowly you can see the light approaching towards you. 

But you are not afraid. You feel that this a benevolent and kind being. So you welcome it. You stand there with your arms open, eyes locked with the golden ball. And the beam of light is approaching, coming closer and closer and closer. And as it comes closer, you see that it has many, many shades of reds, and purples, and blues and greens, and yellows, all different colors. Approaching closer and closer to your heart. And once it touches your chest, it locks in. 

And you feel peaceful, calm, you feel love, blessings, warmth. 

You hear soothing sounds all around you. And this goes on for a few minutes. And then, the beam of light dissolves, leaving behind a sprinkle of sparkly dust. Your eyes are still locked in with the ball of golden, creative force. And suddenly you realise this is the ball of creativity and inspiration. And it has just transmitted to you, infinite inspiration, infinite creativity.

And now you know that anything you embark upon, you will be filled with ideas, with solutions, with inspiration. The golden ball is now slowly moving away. And the wall of trees is coming back together, very slowly, like curtains closing up the stage. 

And you know now it is time to come back home. You can always come back here to connect with your source of creativity and inspiration. You can always reconnect with this ball of golden light. With the warmth still in your heart, you turn around, walk down that slopy path, into the cave, feeling the sand in your feed again, you find your way back to the stairs — the candlelit stairs that lead you up the bark of the tree and out on to the path. The hole in this tree also closes up as if there was nothing there before. Looking like an ordinary tree again. 

You take a deep breath and walk back to the starting point of your trail, feeling light, inspired and happy. And then, very slowly, you come back into the room where you are, [and] into your body. Taking some deep breaths, slowly moving your body, your legs and arms and your neck. And very, very slowly opening your eyes.

Welcome back!

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So thank you so much for joining me today. I'm eager to share with you another visualization meditation in the next episode. Until then, know that your day is blessed. You are being taken care of. You’ve just meditated and now all you have to do is take action, be kind and breathe.

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