003: Guided Visualization to Let Go of Hurt and Pain

003: Guided Visualization to Let Go of Hurt and Pain

Photo credit:  Ivan Slade

Photo credit: Ivan Slade

Welcome to Episode 003.
In this episode of Intentions Manifested, we go on a visual journey with the intention: To let go of hurt and pain that you are suffering so you can be lighter and feel a sense of peace.

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Letting Go of Hurt & Pain and Feel A Sense of Peace

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A creative visualization series using guided imagery and breath awareness for manifesting our intentions. Created with love by Sophia Ojha.

Today’s Intention:
To help you let go of hurt and pain that you are suffering so you can be lighter and feel a sense of peace.


Welcome to Episode 3 of Intentions Manifested. My name is Sophia Ojha and I’m your guide for today’s visualization meditation.

My intention for today's meditation is to help you let go of hurt and pain that you are suffering so you can be lighter and feel a sense of peace.

So let's begin.

Find yourself in a comfortable position, making sure that your body is at ease. Take as much time as you need to get in the right position so that you are at ease. Bring your awareness to your breath. See how your breath is flowing through you. Observe the in-breath and the out-breath. And allow yourself to relax in this moment. Know that you are in the right place, in the right moment, doing exactly what you need to do. Relax and calm your mind. Make sure to close your eyes and look within. 

Enjoy the silence, the quietude, the serenity that comes when you meditate. It is a beautiful gift you are giving to yourself every time you meditate. [You are giving the gift] not only to your self but to every person, every animal, every thing that you interact with. Everybody benefits when you calm your mind. By giving yourself the gift of meditation, you become a gift to our world because when you meditate, you allow your unique, precious, invaluable talents to emerge. You become one with your inner-self. And you begin to learn to listen to your inner-voice.

Take a slow deep breath and feel the relaxation flowing through your entire body. And as the breath relaxes your entire body, notice any parts that are tense or uncomfortable or in anyway uneasy. Just bring your awareness, your attention to that part. It could be your knees, your shoulders, your belly, your chest, your chin. Notice where the tension is. Maybe it’s a slight headache. And realize that these bodily aches and pains are just another way of storing your emotional aches and pains. The hurt that you feel or have felt before, if not dissolved, they sit in your body. They may emerge at certain times. At other times, they are in the background. But any unresolved hurt and resentment that you have felt or are feeling is somewhere hiding in your body. The hurt is a kind of an energy. It’s not a good or a bad energy. It’s just a kind of energy. And energy is not destroyed nor created, only transformed. So this hurt energy, if not transformed into something else, it will become crystallized in your body.

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Let go of hurt and pain with visualization meditation

But now is the time for you to let go. Now you can help yourself to transform this hurt energy. And the way to do it is to simply become aware of this hurt. All it wants is to be acknowledged, witnessed, observed. So first, allow yourself, “It’s okay to be hurt”. Allow yourself to hurt. If you are feeling resentment, it’s okay. Let’s not add another layer on top of that. The way we add another layer is by not allowing ourselves to feel hurt. “I shouldn’t feel hurt,” we say. “I should be stronger. I should be more mature. I shouldn’t get hurt. I am such and such age, I should already know how to deal with this”.

No, don’t put this second layer. If you are hurting, you are hurting. So you can say to yourself, “You are allowed to feel hurt”. And then you invite the hurt to slowly dissolve. You invite the hurt to transform into love. Energy is transformed. So the hurt energy can be transformed into the energy of love. How to do this?

You can visualize the hurt as a prickly cactus. It’s prickly [and] has thorns everywhere. It hurts when you touch it. And in your mind’s eye, you see an animation. The cactus is an animated cactus and it transforms into a rose. It also has thorns but it has soft petals ⏤ beautiful soft petals. And so this hurt energy is transforming symbolically from a thorny cactus into a soft rose. And you can visualize as many cacti as you need and transform them into as many roses as you need. Or use any symbol that helps you make the transformation. And all you are doing is visualizing this transformation.

Think of a single hurt that you’ve been carrying around. Focus on that one hurt if you can. And change it, mold it, help it go through its own metamorphosis. Becoming pure light. Peace. Healing. Joy. Forgiveness. Letting go. You are freeing yourself of the burdens you’ve been carrying and transforming [the burdens] into love. 

And now you can imagine a beautiful silver moonlight washing over you. Sucking away all the hurt, resentment, all the tension, negativity, all the frustration, anxiety, restlessness and worry. Everything connected to your hurt feelings is being sucked away, cleansed away, cleared away by the moonlight. And you feel cool and calm, light and free. Ready to embark on your journey, creating the life you that dream of and letting go of hurt and letting go of pain. Free as a bird, light as a feather, you start a brand new day.

Take a deep breath. See a smile on your face. Slowly open your eyes. Come back to where you are sitting.

Welcome back!

Be at peace. Let go of resentment and hurt.

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So thank you so much for joining me today. I'm eager to share another visualization with you in the next episode. Until then, know that your day is blessed. You are being taken care of. You’ve just meditated and now all you have to do is take action, be kind and breathe.

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