002: Guided Visualization to Create the Life You Dream Of

002: Guided Visualization to Create the Life You Dream Of

Photo credit:  Eric Welch

Photo credit: Eric Welch

Welcome to Episode 002.
In this episode of Intentions Manifested, we go on a visual journey with the intention: To feel calm and focused so that you can create the life you dream of.

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Create the Life You Dream of

Transcript of Intentions Manifested Ep 002:

A creative visualization series using guided imagery and breath awareness for manifesting our intentions. Created with love by Sophia Ojha.

Today’s Intention:
To help you feel calm and focused so that you can create the life you dream of.

Welcome to Episode 2 of Intentions Manifested. My name is Sophia Ojha and I’m your guide for today’s visualization meditation.

My intention for today's meditation is to help you feel calm and focused so that you can create the life you dream of.

So let's begin.

Find yourself in a comfortable position. Make sure that your body is comfortable. You can lay down or sit. Have your eyes closed. And just allow yourself to you enjoy the next few minutes of relaxation, of calm. Be open to what comes next and know that anything is possible.

Imagine that you're walking on a trail in the forest ⏤ a beautiful lush green forest. And you have come upon an opening from where you can see for miles and miles. And as you look out in the distance, you notice the valley below is covered in fog. You are above the fog and below is a blanket of white clouds. And this cloud-cover is rising right before your eyes. And you can feel how the cloud is enveloping everything around you. You are inside the fog.

From the valley, all the way up to the sky and all around you there's nothing but white foggy cloud. And you feel calm. Although you cannot see anything around you, you feel safe. It's as if the fog is washing away all your tiredness. It’s cleansing you of any negative energy, any negative thoughts. And all you are doing is standing there, minute by minute, feeling lighter.

You take a deep slow breath and you find your entire body is relaxed. All the tension has left your body. All the worries and anxieties have disappeared. And all the hurt and the resentment and anger has vanished into the fog. And you are just enjoying this beautiful relaxed moment.

The silence is surrounding you. And suddenly, you hear a faint chirp of a bird somewhere nearby. It's a small chirp announcing a big change. As you stand there looking at the fog with eyes wide open, you notice now the cloud in front of you is parting. And from high above in the sky, the sun is appearing. A beautiful Golden Sun.

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Create A Life You Dream Of

The rays of the sun are dissolving the clouds, dissolving the fog. And in front of your eyes you see the beautiful landscape emerge. You can now see the trees, the ridges, the valley. Everything is crystal clear. The fog has lifted. The confusion in your mind has dissolved. And what remains is focus, clarity, decision! You feel clear in your heart. You know exactly what you need to do. You can just feel it.

And as you see the golden light falling all around you, you can feel a golden bubble surrounding your body. And this is the golden bubble of focus and clarity. It is going to accompany you throughout your day. Throughout your day, you will find yourself focused and calm. Of clear mind, filled with generosity, filled with kindness.

Now you take a deep breath, taking one more look at the beautiful landscape ahead, knowing that you can always come back to this spot and receive your clarity and focus again. 

And now, it is time to return. Taking a deep breath, you slowly arrive back at your seat, in your room. Very slowly, open your eyes.

Welcome back!

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So thank you so much for joining me today. I'm eager to share another visualization with you in the next episode. Until then, know that your day is blessed. You are being taken care of. You’ve just meditated and now all you have to do is take action, be kind and breathe.

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Thank you for joining me on this visualization meditation experience! Drop your questions and comments below. See you in the next episode!