Creative Visualizations: Four Guided Visualizations for Abundance

Creative Visualizations: Four Guided Visualizations for Experiencing Abundance has been especially created to help you visualize abundance in all areas of your life. The CD consists of a introduction track and four visualization tracks with original cello composition by Cristof Ensslin and spoken word by Sophia Ojha Ensslin.

"The visualizations in this CD help you to tap into the feeling of abundance. When we see our dreams manifested in our imagination during the visualizations, and when we feel those higher-vibration feelings of joy and excitement in connection with them, we are embodying abundance within us. This helps us to manifest our dreams and intentions in the external world". - From the Introduction Track of the CD

One can manifest what one visualizes. And in order to know what we truly want to visualize, we need to connect with our inner self, the source within. Through the visualizations on this CD, you will connect with your inner-self, receive guidance from your future-self, get messages from your spiritual mentor and visualize your dreams as having become real in the physical. We have also created a free 30-Day Plan as a supporting guide to this CD available for you.

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Spoken Word Guided Visualizations by Sophia Ojha
Cello Music, Forest Wind Meditation composed and performed by Cristof Ensslin

What's inside this CD?

Track 1: Introduction Duration: 14 min 55 sec

Track 2: Pond of Intentions Duration: 14 min 28 sec

Track 3: Deer Circle Duration: 14 min 31 sec

Track 4: White Tipi Meditation Duration 14 min 30 sec

Track 5: Rock View Vision Manifestation Duration 14 min 31 sec

Total Running Time: 72 min 55 sec

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Listen to a complete visualization track,
"The Pond of Intentions"

The 30-Day Plan

The 30 Day-Plan is a guide to the Creative Visualizations: Four Guided Visualizations for Abundance CD. It is designed to give you week by week guidance to get the most from the CD. It includes reflection questions, journal guidance as well as a two day end of the month review and reflection guide. This 30 Day plan helps you to make visualizations a regular practice and get valuable insights from this process.

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