When Life Knocks You Down,
All You Can Do is...
Be Equanimous

Equanimity is a big word. At least for me. I am still learning its nuances. 

But one thing I know for sure is that understanding equanimity is the key to experiencing inner-peace.

That's what this website, my articles, my videos and my work is all about - the art of cultivating true happiness and sharing it with the world from within us. I believe that we have all that it takes to live in a state of peace and harmony.

Equanimity in essence means a state of being calm and balanced ... a state of calm and balanced MIND. 

By training our minds to become our true allies, we can navigate the sea of life with grace. Not getting disturbed when the waters are choppy or turbulent. Not getting too immersed in the pleasure of smooth sailing.

Being aware. Being calm. Being equanimous. 

Mastering the art of happiness is then cultivating a strong, balanced and calm mind that is the seat of inner-peace. And when we are at peace then we can contribute to others and serve others in a real, impactful way. Don't we all want that? Don't we all want true meaning and purpose for our lives? I certainly do. What a wonderful way to help oneself find meaning and also serve others - by developing a strong, peaceful mind!

So how do we cultivate equanimity? How do we generate our own happiness? This is what you will discover through (video + articles + online trainings) and all the content I have for you here on this site.

So welcome to Reflection Pond; a place on the web dedicated to bringing you ways of cultivating true happiness in your life!  I am so glad you found us!


My name is Sophia and I am happy to be Your Happiness Guide.